Keynote Speakers

Dr Paul Engelhardt, University of East Anglia

Dr Paul Engelhart
University of East Anglia

Dr Engelhardt is a cognitive psychologist (specializing in psycholinguistics) who champions inter-disciplinary research. He often collaborates with clinical psychologists to address language issues in neurodevelopmental disorders (e.g. ASD, ADHD, dyslexia). Dr Engelhardt also collaborates with Philosopher Dr. Eugen Fischer focusing on the philosophy of perception, in particular arguments from illusion and arguments from hallucination.

Dr Engelhardt will be presenting on his work on eye movements in dyslexia.

Dr Pablo Varona Martínez, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Dr Pablo Varona Martínez
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Dr Martínez received his degree in Theoretical Physics in 1992 and the
PhD in Computer Science in 1997 from Universidad Autonoma de Madrid. He was a postdoc and later an assistant research scientist at the Institute
for Nonlinear Science, University of California, San Diego. Since 2002 
he is associate professor at Escuela Politecnica Superior, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (EPS-UAM). His research interests range from Computational Neuroscience to closed-loop technologies, brain-computer 
interfaces, and bio-inspired algorithms and devices (see publications). Since 2008 he is vice-dean of research at EPS-UAM and coordinator of the PhD program. He is also a review editor for Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience and Frontiers in Bionics and Biomimetics.

Dr Martínez will be presenting his work on sequential neural dynamics.

Dr Luca Polonio, University of Minnesota

Dr Luca Polonio
University of Minnesota, Dept. of Economics

Dr Polonio is a behavioural economist with wide experience working with experimental methods across disciplines. His projects use eye-tracking, game theory, fMRI, and skin conductance, among other methods, to investigate reasoning, decision-making, and choice.

Dr Polonio will be presenting his work on the process of choice in games.

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