Day 1 (Thursday, 20 June)
0930-1000 Registration & Breakfast (Location: EBS.2.62 & EBS.2.21 Alcove Rooms)

1000-1015 Opening by Sanja Bahun, Dean of Postgraduate Research and Education (Location: EBS.2.2)

1030-1230 Workshop: Game Theory (Location: EBS.1.14, IT Lab S)

1245-1400 Lunch (Location: EBS.2.40-EBS.2.41)

1400-1530 Workshop: Eye-Tracking A (Location: Centre for Brain Science, Visual Sciences Lab 3.739)

1530-1600 Tea/Coffee Break (Location: Centre for Brain Science, 3.729)

1600-1700 Workshop: Eye-Tracking B (Location: Psychology department, Computer Lab 2.708)

Day 2 (Friday, 21 June)
0900-0930 Registration & Breakfast (EBS.2.21 Alcove Room)

0930-1030 Keynote: Luca Polonio, University of Minnesota: The process of choice in games (Location: EBS.2.2)

1030-1050 Tea/Coffee Break (EBS.2.21 Alcove Room)

1050-1250 Paper Session 1 (Location: EBS.2.2)
(1) 1050-1120: Kelly Wolfe, University of Essex: Age differences in risk-taking behaviour: A matter of risk-attitude or decision-quality?
(2) 1120-1150: Merav Malcman, Ben-Gurion University: Field experiments in restaurants: The effects of music
(3) 1150-1220: Georg Sator, University of Vienna: Peer effects and social closeness
(4) 1220-1250: Atiyeh Yeganloo, University of Manchester: A useful bias: The role of dominated strategies in a coordination game

1250-1450 Lunch + Poster Session (Location: EBS.2.40-EBS.2.41 + EBS.2.62 Alcove Room)

1450-1550 Keynote: Paul Engelhardt, University of East Anglia: Eye movements in dyslexia: An analysis of sentence comprehension and underlying risk factors (Location: EBS.2.2)

1550-1650 Paper Session 2 (Location: EBS.2.2)
(1) 1450-1520: Luke Holmes, University of Essex: Pupil dilation as a measure of sexual arousal
(2) 1620-1650: Jessica Fure, University of Essex: John of Gaunt: The fictions of history/A history of fictions

1650-1720 Tea/Coffee Break (Location: EBS.2.21 Alcove Room)

1720-1820 Keynote: Pablo Varona, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid: Beyond rhythms and frequencies: Sequential neural dynamics (Location: EBS 2.2)

1820-1830 Closing Remarks

1900-2100 Conference Dinner at the Wivenhoe House Brasserie

Keynote Speakers:
Pablo Varona Martínez, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Department of Computer Engineering
Keynote: Sequential Neural Dynamics

Paul Engelhardt, University of East Anglia, Department of Psychology
Keynote: Eye Movements in Dyslexia

Luca Polonio, University of Minnesota, Department of Economics
Keynote: The Process of Choice in Games

Read more about our keynote speakers here!

Workshop 1: Game Theory—find out this paradigm is used, and how it can be integrated with other experimental methods (e.g., EEG, skin conductance)

Workshop 2: Eye-tracking—find out how to set up an eye-tracking experiment, how researchers are using it across various domains and research questions, and try it for yourself!

Finding your way

A map of the University of Essex campus, marking out key locations for the sessions, can be found here.