We encourage submissions for projects using an experimental methodology in all fields of research. Please ensure you write for an audience of informed reviewers who may not necessarily be familiar with the field/subject you are proposing. You will be able to submit your abstracts at the same time that you register.

We aim to notify successful submissions by 24 May.

There are 3 types of presentations available: (1) Oral presentations; (2) Poster session; (3) Data Blitz session. Details are provided below. 

Submissions for Oral Presentations

We will accept a limited number of applications for 30-minute oral presentations (including Q&A). To apply you have to submit an extended abstract between 500-1000 words
The extended abstract should detail the research question, why the question is relevant (i.e., is it filling an existing gap in the literature?), the experimental procedure used to tackle the problem, a summary of your findings, and conclusions describing the broader implication of your findings.

Submissions for Poster Session / Data Blitz

A data blitz session is a short 5-minute presentation of your research. 
For the Data Blitz and/or poster session, we will accept experimental projects at any stage (i.e., you do not have to be finished with data collection). To apply you have to submit a short abstract of maximum 200 words.  The abstract should detail the research question, why the question is relevant, the experimental design and methodology you plan to use.